“I cannot change the world alone, but I can cast a stone across the waters to create many Positive Ripples” (Gwyn)
Nobody is too busy to keep a diary!
There are many exciting facets to these Workshops with a journey into oneself. “For me to meet me, I will have to explore me. Then, and only then - can I give the best of me to others, to enjoy and to experience.” (Gwyn) Our Workshops are creative AND we use either NOTEBOOK or JAR mediums. A plain notebook works well, and an ordinary jar works works well. Instead of either of these, we may use a computer as well. Join us to find out more! Journaling is a mindul activity with a proven therapeutic value. Bear in mind that it’s your personal journal, so there’s no need to make it absolutely perfect. Here are a few suggestions. For notebooks, we can Google ornamental items, flowers or whatever the topic of the writing is, and paste it into the page, and write around the image. We can do the same with our diary in a computer file. If you choose to write by hand, you might try using a fountain pen, it makes for more careful writing. There are no hard and fast rules, except of course that it should be AN ENJOYABLE, FUN EXPERIENCE and the result should be visually appealing. It’s probably not necessary to make an entry every day - you don’t want to make it a duty. Most days would have at least a note of the weather, and how you are feeling. Sometimes, why you feel that. Anything unusual or out of the ordinary. Occasionally, lots of detail. JOY and GRATITUDE WORKSHOPS are for ALL AGE GROUPS GWYN Cell: 079 161 9047 or email tslade @ mweb . co . za