RETIREMENT WORKSHOPS PLANNING There is more to retirement than just taking care of the finances, which of course is of paramount importance. The purpose of these workshops is to help the retired and soon- to-be retired to better understand their lifetime aspirations, to help them to minimize the fear, complexity and uncertainty often associated with retirement
WORKSHOP CONTENT: You’ve handed in your office keys, had the party and walked out of the front door of your life-time career. NOW WHAT? Don't lose your UIF which you have contributed into for many years. • The do's and don'ts of the Labour Department • Psychological awareness • Emotional awareness • Spiritual awareness • Physical and health awareness • A reason to get up in the morning • Positivity vs Negativity • The worst thing to fear – IS FEAR • Spending more time with your partner: do’s and don’t’s • Moving away from your comfort zone: do’s and don’t’s • Friends: existing and meeting new people • Creativity and enjoying your hobbies, plus engaging in new hobbies • Sport • Travel • Quality time and fun • Keep your brain and mind fine tuned • Entrepreneurship • Voluntary charity work • Finances
ACD Workshops (Attitude Changing Discussion).
Fun, Informative and Life Changing!
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