YOUR MARRIAGE SERVICE: Why a Christian marriage service? Your marriage service is the Covenant agreement between the bride, bridegroom and GOD. Your marriage has been Ordained in heaven and is affirmed in GOD’S name by us, your ministers. To believe in the beauty of Christian marriage is to believe that GOD Himself has united husband and wife for life and that if you, the couple, invite Him into your life and home, He promises to be with you until the very end of time. This is what every Christian couple hopes and prays for. THANKSGIVING FOR OUR MARRIAGE AND THE REAFFIRMATION OF OUR VOWS TO EACH OTHER: This for us, is the most WONDERFUL experience any couple can explore. It’s a time of increased love, or newly discovered love, or re- uniting after a difficult period or just to thank GOD for a wonderful marriage. It is a time to ask GOD to continue to hold you and your family in the palm His Hand as we re-dedicate ourselves to GOD and to each other. We promise you a deep, spiritual and romantic Service as you continue down the beautiful path of marriage. BLESSING OF A CIVIL MARRIAGE OR CUSTOMARY UNION: If you have been married in a registery office or by a magistrate, you have your contract recorded by the State, without seeking the Blessing of GOD in church or a chapel. These marriages are truly valid, and in the eyes of the Church as binding as any others. For many of us, there comes a time in our lives where we find GOD and long to deepen our relationship with HIM. A joyful and exciting part of this journey is to have your marriage Blessed as you now commit to GOD and re-commit to each other. We have a beautiful and spiritual ceremony for you to invite GOD into your marriage and your home. BLESSING OF REMARRIAGE AND DIVORCED PERSONS: Sadly break-ups happen in many relationships and then often, GOD gives those people a second chance. A second chance needs to be clearly understood and re-marriage should not be taken lightly. GOD is a GOD of love and out of HIS love flows an invitation to start again. We all need to know the forgiving and healing power of GOD’s love, for GOD’s forgiveness brings healing of all of the hurts of the past which sin has inflicted. Through His everlasting GRACE, we are in a position to help you to make your vows to your new partner in a very loving and beautiful Marriage Service. SPECIAL TREATS FOR YOUR WEDDING CEREMONY: It is very romantic to create your own vows (if you would like to). We help you with this process, thus ensuring that the legal requirements are fully covered. Additional treats include either the Candle Lighting ceremony; GOD’s Knot ceremony; the Sand ceremony; Rose ceremony; Tree Planting ceremony or if you want to get creative, we’ll help you to fulfill your deepest wish. PERSONALISED WEDDING FAVOURS MADE TO ORDER e.g. Glass Bead Work, Gifts. ARE WE LEGAL? Yes, we are Ordained priests/ministers who hold a registered South African State Marriage Officers license. In addition to being the catalysts that start your BIG day and your life together, we take the stress out of the State legal requirements and ensure that your marriage is firmly registered at the Home Affairs department. In conclusion, it will be a privilege for either Trevor or Gwyn (or both of us) to partner with you, on this your very special day. Our deepest prayer for you, as a couple, is to walk with GOD in Faith, Hope, Trust and Love. BLESS you both.