A sculptor must know two things as he/she sets to work. They must understand the stone they are working with, or "faults" will spoil the statue. They must also have in a mind the ideal picture of what they want to create. In this sense marriage is an art. One can hardly begin it without knowing something of your future spouse and where they come from. We need to know the way their minds, feelings and bodies actually work. It's also important for you to have an "ideal" of family life, a picture of what you want your marriage and home to be. We offer Marriage Preparation Workshops to help couples to understand the seriousness of entering into the Sacrament of Holy Matrimony. (This workshop is an optional extra – separate fee)
WORKSHOP OUTLINE: • Covenant vs Contract • His needs - Her needs • Baggage from the past • In-Laws and other funny animals • Finances • Sex and Sexuality • Legal contracts and the IMPERATIVENESS of wills • Prayer and Spirituality • Romancing your marriage • Knowing and understanding your marriage vows and the promises you make to God and each other • Conflict resolution WEDDING PLANNING WORKSHOPS The bride’s guide to creating a personalized wedding – without getting into debt. There is no need to take out a loan, an overdraft or a second bond to pay for your happiest day – your wedding day. WORKSHOP CONTENT – A TASTER: • PLANNING – wedding planning checklist i.e.12 months down to the day before your wedding. • CEREMONY – Church or wedding venue; Rehearsal; Creative Vows; Rings; Special extras. • INVITATIONS – family, friends, co-workers and other 'obligatory' outsiders. • RECEPTION – ideas for themes; décor; catering/caterers; table gifts; speeches; music; flowers; wedding cakes. • WHO DOES WHAT? – bridesmaids, parents, parents-in-law • WHO PAYS FOR WHAT? • LOOKING GREAT – dresses; bridal accessories; men’s gear; beauty and salon • GREAT MEMORIES – honeymoon; photographs; videos; scrap books. • HIS children – HER children – your children • LEGAL – the various contracts; wills; beneficiaries. Duration: 3 Hours STRESS BUSTER WORKSHOP These are FUN filled workshop for the stressed bridal party. We also offer these workshops for private groups and corporates. Some topics covered: Attitude is Contagious; Appearance; Communication; Image raises self-esteem; Goal setting: Needs vs. desires; Resistance to change factor = Fear; learning to LAUGH; prioritize; eliminating clutter; surrendering to limitations; collaborate and co- operate; boundaries; negotiation vs. compromise; thinking out of the box; think globally. ACD Workshops (Attitude Changing Discussion) Fun, Informative and Life Changing!
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